Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Gemnoviag is a country in the U.S state of Idaho and is the realavent size of 21 duplexes making the UCSG the 2nd smallest country in the world. Year Round population is 0! The dictator of the UCSG is Jaden Rosencrans. Gemnoviag has 2 allies the USSR and Ozark another small country controlled by Devin Shaughnessy. The cities of Gemnoviag are (capitol) Rosen, New Hightower, Star City, Yeckemgourasthov, and Putin. There is a smaller state in the UCSG fighting for independance called Razahia.

Soviet Union

Well everyone knows the Soviets because of the World Wars and the Cold War. But did you know that the USSR never collapsed? Yes that is right the ruler of the extremely small country (UCSG) "United Communist Society of Gemnoviag" knows the country is not on any I repeat ANY records of most countries. Read the "Gemnoviag" post for more info.